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Misuse of our company data

Dear Visitors,

We would like to draw your attention and inform you that oil and other frozen products (vegetables, chicken, fish, dairy products) are advertised on the internet for purchase by using our company’s (Invest-Trade Kft) data illegally. In the advertisements the email address and the phone numbers: 0036309248917 and 0036309109532 are used and the name Kovács Sámuel is given as a contact person for the people who are interested in buying the advertised products. We would like to inform you that our company’s scope of business is not related to the commerce of the products mentioned above and our company is not engaged in any commercial activities at all.

In case you have already got involved in the advertisements, please do not transfer any money as the given bank account number is not the bank account number of our company. The abuse of data has been reported to the police by our company and they are entitled to proceed with the case. If you have any information concerning this matter please inform the police and our company about it.